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Market Watchers or the Analysts primarily depend on the Quarterly financial results or the Big Winning of the Companies that reflect their capabilities or the Brand Value. Well what is so special about these? Well, all of these are tuned to specific pattern of time and format of information and creates a hallucinated picture of a company  performance. Let us take some of the recent examples
Thu 09th Feb 2012 07:58 PM IST
 This article is by Erin Nelson, CMO of Bazaarvoice. She was formerly CMO of Dell. With thousands of “friends” on Facebook and a constantly connected lifestyle, you’d think the Millennial generation would trust their friends above all else. However, when it comes to making purchase decisions, young people are more likely than older generations to trust complete st
Wed 08th Feb 2012 11:45 AM IST
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Thu 05th Jan 2012 04:26 PM IST